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uni 2 beyond, formerly known as the Inclusive Education Program, is an innovative and award-winning initiative that supports people with intellectual disability to experience university life at the University of Sydney. Students attend lectures and tutorials of their choice as audit students, and participate in university social life through engagement with their peers. uni 2 beyond works with its students to reach their potential, increasing their capability to make a contribution to society and gain independence.

Article 24 (Education) of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) underpins access to education for people with disability with a human rights framework. Based on this premise, CDS founded uni 2 beyond in 2012 at the University of Sydney.

uni 2 beyond offers its students an individualised program which includes:

  • participation in university lectures and tutorials
  • one on one tutorial support to work towards individualised learning outcomes that that suit each student’s strengths and abilities
  • social engagement with peers at the University of Sydney
  • peer mentoring
  • person-centred planning
  • internship opportunities to enhance employability skills and create connections to support the transition to employment

Each uni 2 beyond student is matched with a peer mentor, who provides support and guidance in academic and social settings. The mentoring program aims to enhance the students’ sense of belonging at university. It is also an opportunity for mentors to develop advocacy skills and support social inclusion.

uni 2 beyond was awarded 2016 Innovative Practice on Inclusive Education and ICT by the Zero Project and won the 2017 NSW Disability Industry Innovation Award in the category Leadership in Community Accessibility and Inclusion.


For further information please contact the Coordinator at
email: cds@cds.org.au
tel: 02 9036 3600
web: www.cds.org.au


Mentor flyer: uni2beyond/mentor

Complete the online registration form at the following link: Mentor Application Form.

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uni 2 beyond is supported by:

Foundation Partners:

  • Crown Group

Internship Partners:

  • Commonwealth Bank Australia
  • MI Engineers

Pro Bono Advisers

  • D&I Consulting
  • Perpetuity Capital
The CDS staff involved:

Friederike Gadow is the Co-Leader for Education & Training at CDS. She is also a research fellow with a background in special education and speech pathology. Her research interests focus on inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in education, employment and the community.

Jemima MacDonald holds a bachelor degree in Speech Pathology and a Masters degree in Developmental Disability. Jemima has worked in the disability field for 10 years and has a strong focus on inclusion, social skills, relationships and education.

Jessica Buhne holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Diploma in Counselling. She has worked with people with disability and their families in the areas of employment, capacity building and advocacy. This has included working with families to develop their capacity and confidence around self-directing supports for the genuine interests and aspirations of their family member with disability. Jessica is passionate about people with disability having the same opportunities and experiences as people without disability and being valued members and contributors of their community. 


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Applications to become a uni 2 beyond student:  

Applications for 2017/18 have now closed. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please email cds@cds.org.au