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Want to go to University?


What is uni 2 beyond

uni 2 beyond supports people with an intellectual disability to study courses for interest and take part in university life.You can study some subjects at the university without enrolling in a degree. You can study these subjects because you are interested in them. This is called “auditing”.

Audit students:

  • Attend lectures and tutorials
  • Work on individual projects
  • Receive a certificate of attendance

What else can I do at university?

Going to university is not just about studying. It is also about making friends, socialising, going to the library, joining clubs and societies and becoming more independent. We encourage uni 2 beyond students to make the most of their time at university.

What qualities do I need to attend university?

  • An interest in the subject
  • Willingness to make university a priority
  • Motivation to learn more and challenge yourself
  • Ability to travel
  • Prior learning or work experience
  • Have people who support your plan or goals

Where is the University of Sydney?

The university has many different locations called campuses. The main campus is in Darlington/Camperdown, which is near Redfern Train Station, Newtown and Glebe. Most faculties are located on the main campus.


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