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Want to go to University?


uni 2 beyond supports people with an intellectual disability to study courses for interest and take part in university life.

You can study some subjects at the university without enrolling in a degree.
You can study these subjects because you are interested in them. This is called “auditing”.



What do uni 2 beyond students do?


Attend lectures and tutorials


Work on individual projects


Receive a certificate of attendance


Make friends and socialise


Go to the library


Join clubs and societies


Become more independent



Where is the University of Sydney?


The university has many different locations called campuses.


The main campus is in Darlington/ Camperdown, which is near Redfern Train Station, Newtown and Glebe.
Most faculties are located on the main campus.





We are looking for someone who:


Is interested in subjects available for auditing at Sydney University


Will make university a priority


Likes learning new things and being challenged


Can travel to and from Sydney University 


Has experience in learning or working


Has people who support your plan or goals


Whose needs can be met by uni 2 beyond staff



Application Process


If you are interesting in doing uni 2 beyond:

email Jemima.macdonald@sydney.edu.au or ring 9036 3611

and ask to be added to the uni 2 beyond mailing list 



The Application Process for uni 2 beyond 2019-2020 opens in September 2018



September 2018: 

People on the mailing list will be invited to the uni 2 beyond Open Day. 



October 2018:  uni 2 beyond Open Day

You have to go to the Open Day to apply to uni 2 beyond!


November 2018:  

If you liked the Open Day, you can put in an application form to be part of uni 2 beyond.
Some people will invited to come in for an interview.
You will find out whether you got into uni 2 beyond by the end of November.



February 2019:

Attend orientation day to learn more about how to be a uni 2 beyond student





Who can help me apply for uni 2 beyond? 


The people who support you
The Translating and Interpreting Service
(if you speak a language other than English)
Call 131 450


The National Relay Service
(if you are hearing or speech impaired)
Go to http://relayservice.gov.au/



What happens if I don’t get in?


The uni 2 beyond team will tell you about programs that might be a better fit for you.
This may include programs that focus on education, job readiness or socialising.



What if uni 2 beyond is not right for me?


You will sign a service agreement when you start at uni 2 beyond.


The service agreement says that there needs to be 1 months’ notice to end the agreement. 
We can end the agreement sooner if there is an emergency.


If you decide to leave uni 2 beyond, we will also help you find some programs that are a better fit for you.





How will uni 2 beyond help me reach my goals? 


The uni 2 beyond team work with lots of people to help students achieve their goals: 
We meet twice every semester to discuss your goals.


We think of creative ways we can help you achieve these goals.
One big way we help you achieve you goals is by finding other uni students to be mentors.
Mentors help you in class and help you make new friends