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ARC Ageing Project

Team: Prof. Trevor Parmenter, Dr. Marie Knox & colleagues from University of New England

The overarching outcome of this project is to identify issues and gaps in the aged care sector for people with intellectual disabilities that can be addressed by a Best Practice Framework.

The data collection elements of this project are well underway. Using the Health Disparities Survey Tools, surveys have been conducted on two targeted cohorts, people with intellectual disabilities who are ageing and the general ageing population.
To achieve statistical robustness the project aims to obtain 500 completed surveys (1000 surveys). Data have been collected from both rural and metropolitan regions in NSW and QLD.

Interviews conducted with key representatives from the disability and aged care sectors will provide important qualitative data for this research.

Interviews have been conducted with four groups of participants:
Group A – Policy makers, researchers and advocates
Group B – CEOs and senior managers of disability and ageing organisations
Group C – Middle managers and care staff of disability and ageing organisations.
Group D – People with disabilities with high support needs (to be completed).

The data collection will be completed by February 2017 enabling intensive data analyses to commence in the first half of 2017.