Ryde Clinic (DDHU)

NSW Developmental Disability Health Unit (DDHU)
A State-wide Health Clinic for Adolescents and Adults with a Developmental Disability, funded by NSW Ministry of Health.

People with developmental disability often have more health problems than others in the general community. Many of these needs can be met by a person’s General Practitioner, but sometimes a specialist approach is needed.

For this reason, the Centre for Disability Studies operates a health clinic in the Outpatients Department of Royal Rehab at Ryde. This clinic provides a medical and health consultant service for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

The Clinic works in conjunction with the person’s General Practitioner to ensure high quality health care through a network of medical specialists and allied health professionals.

If there are behavioural matters of concern, the clinic doctors will identify and manage any possible physical cause, and refer for psychological assessment and advice as required.

What happens at the Clinic

People referred to the clinic are usually seen by one of the Health Unit’s doctors, either alone or in the company of relatives or other care givers. A complete medical history will be taken and a thorough physical examination will be done. Laboratory tests and X-rays will be ordered as needed.

If required, referrals will be made to other medical specialists or allied health personnel. Where there are ongoing behaviours of concern or deterioration in skills, a psychologist experienced with disabilities will usually be consulted.

Frequently more than one visit to the clinic will be necessary. A report will be sent to the General Practitioner and to other persons responsible for the patient’s care such as their parents or house manager.

A range of psychological services is also available and referrals may be made by Clinic doctors, General Practitioners or families. As different referral and payment conditions may apply for psychology services, please contact the Clinic Nurse Coordinator for details.

Clinics & Services Provided:

Medical Clinics:
  • Medical Clinics for Adults and Adolescents with Developmental Disability
  • Ageing and Dementia Clinics
  • Transition Clinics for adolescents moving from paediatric to adult health services
  • Limited dental assessment


Enquiries or appointments

Clinic Flyer: DDHU Clinic Flyer