About Uni 2 Beyond

uni 2 beyond is an innovative and award-winning social inclusion initiative for people with intellectual disability who want to experience university life. Through uni 2 beyond, participants are supported to take part in university life as audit (non-enrolled) students. uni 2 beyond supports each participant to make social connections through a mentoring program and to work towards individual learning outcomes. As non-enrolled students, uni 2 beyond participants do not pay tuition fees to the university.

uni 2 beyond aims to build the capacity of people with intellectual disability in the areas of social and community participation, relationships and lifelong learning. uni 2 beyond does this by offering its participants an individualised program, which includes:

  • Facilitated social inclusion activities on the university campus
  • Peer mentoring for social and community participation and learning
  • Opportunities to join university clubs and societies, for social engagement with peers and lifelong learning
  • Auditing of university lectures and tutorials in areas of personal choice and interest
  • Person-centred planning
  • Support to work towards individualised learning outcomes that suit each person’s strengths and interests
  • Internship opportunities to enhance work skills and confidence as well as social and community participation.

Uni 2 Beyond - Current Students


For further information please contact the Coordinator at
email: u2b@cds.org.au
tel: 02 9036 3600

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Internship Program

In partnership with Perpetual and Kennards, CDS has created some videos with our students outlining the internship portion of the program.