CDS Workshops

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Overview & Descriptions

The Path Process

PATH represents “Planning Alternative Tomorrow’s with Hope: In this workshop you will learn how to enhance your graphic recording skills and learn how create a visual plan for the future for groups, and individuals. You will do this by graphing a person or group’s current situation, their goals, support, possible obstacles and decide on first steps for action.

This “hands-on” workshop is important for all people involved with facilitation as part of their practice- consultants, team and project leaders, facilitators, trainers and educators.

Person-Centredness in Employment Settings

During this workshop you will learn about:

  • Rationale for developing a culture of Person-Centredness in disability organisations
  • Values that underpin Person-Centredness and work
  • Culture and Person-Centredness in employment contexts
  • Being a Person Centred-Support Person in an Employment Service

This workshop is suitable for employment Professionals, Managers, Co-workers, and anyone interested about being more person centred in a work context.

I-CAN V5 Facilitator Training

The I-CAN provides a support services and family friendly holistic assessment conceptually based upon the internationally recognized ICF (WHO, 2001) framework, person-centred approaches and Active Support.

Families use the I-CAN when applying to NDIS and to coordinate and liaise with support and health professionals. Support services can use the I-CAN for an independent costing estimate (assisting the transition to the NDIS), and to ensure quality services, integrated with health care and person-centred plans. Government can use the I-CAN to allocate resources and predict costs. An individual support needs report is generated online which helps guide service delivery and planning.

Understanding Person Centredness

Participants will attain knowledge on the background and philosophy of Person-Centredness and develop skills to apply it in their daily professional practice.

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in learning about the fundamentals of Person centredness. This is a good introduction into the CDS suite of Person-Centredness workshops.

Medication Management

This workshop will cover medications and medication management in a supported living setting.

This training session is intended for support workers and managers.

Relationships & Sexuality Workshop

This information session will provide a brief introduction and opportunity to explore relationships and sexuality for people with disabilities.

Participants will take from the session an overview of the above, a knowledge of where to access resources & supports. There will also be the opportunity to reflect on where to from here for their service, practice and the people they support.

The course is targeted towards service providers, clinicians, case coordinators and educators, however anyone with an interest in the area is welcome to attend.

Anxiety & Depression Workshop

Mental health problems occur more frequently in people with developmental disability than in others in the community.  These conditions can significantly affect the quality of life and general well-being of the individual, family members and / or other carers. 

This workshop aims to build the capacity of existing staff to provide psychotherapy/counselling/support to:

People who experience mild to moderate intellectual disability and who are also experiencing mild to moderate anxiety, and/ or depression.