Feedback & Complaints

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The Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) welcomes all feedback including complaints. Your feedback is a helpful resource in letting CDS know what is being done well and what can be done better in the future. Your feedback will help CDS ensure it can provide the highest quality service possible at all times for you and other people.

CDS staff who have complaints should refer to our staff grievance processes.

Who can give feedback and/or make a complaint?

Anyone has the right to provide feedback or make a complaint. You can provide feedback yourself or on behalf of another person as their family member, carer, guardian or advocate. Clients, volunteers, organisations and government organisations are all allowed to provide feedback, including complaints.

How can I give feedback and/or make a complaint?

You can lodge feedback or a complaint to:


A: Executive Director

Centre for Disability Studies

Level 1, Medical Foundation Building – K25

92-94 Parramatta Road

Camperdown NSW 2050

You can also lodge your complaint or feedback via the Feedback/Complaints Form.

If you require assistance to contact CDS you can access the following services:

The National Relay Service

if you are hearing or speech impaired

See for more info

The Translating and Interpreting Service

if you speak a language other than English

P: 131 450

What will happen after I lodge my feedback/complaint?

CDS will seek to respond to your feedback and resolve any complaint as quickly as possible.

CDS will:

  • Acknowledge all feedback and complaints within two (2) business days of receipt;
  • Contact you about your feedback/complaint within five (5) business days of receipt to confirm the contents of your feedback/complaint and obtain any further information required;
  • Aim to resolve any complaint completely within 21 days of receipt, where this is possible

When CDS contacts you to talk about your feedback/complaint, CDS may ask you to provide further information.

CDS will then investigate your feedback/complaint and notify you of a response as soon as it is available.

Where a complaint or feedback relates to the quality of one of our services, CDS will seek to implement relevant appropriate changes to improve the service as soon as practicable after receiving your complaint or feedback. Where a complaint or feedback relates to the behaviour of a person, CDS will take prompt action to ensure that any inappropriate behaviour ceases with immediate effect.

CDS will notify you of the outcome of your complaint as soon as it is available.

What can I do if I am unhappy with the outcome of my feedback/complaint?

If you are dissatisfied about the outcome of your feedback/complaint, you can request that the outcome and handling process be reviewed by the Executive Director.

Should you still be unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, you may lodge your complaint with an independent third party body such as:

NSW Ombudsman P: 02 9286 1000 P: 1800 451 524 (Toll free outside Sydney metro) E: W:


Will I be treated differently for giving feedback or making a complaint?

You will not be subject to any disadvantage or discrimination as a result of your decision to provide feedback or make a complaint about a person, organisation or program in relation to CDS. CDS welcomes all feedback, even complaints, and commits to processing these professionally and openly.


What if I have questions about the feedback and complaints process?

You can direct your questions to Executive Director, CDS by telephone on (02) 9036 3600 or by writing to the Executive Director, CDS, at