I-CAN v.6 (beta version)


Frequency of support

0 Never Support not required
1 Occasionally Less than once a week
2 Weekly 1-6 times a week
3 Daily Once, a few or several times a day
4 Frequently Many times a day
5 Continuously Consistently throughout the day

Type of support

0 Independent Person does not need any support.
1 Managed Managed through: the independent use of aids or equipment, simple strategy or occasional independent visits with health professionals.
2 Minor Person may need a brief or minor support from another person e.g. giving a brief prompt or word of reassurance, minor setup or occasional supervision or mentoring, monitoring for signs of discomfort, or brief physical assistance for a minor aspect of the task. Alternatively, this task is complete for 5 or more people.
3 Moderate Person may need a series of prompts or instructions, reassurance or emotional support or more regular supervision, speaking on the person’s behalf to enable successful communication, or physical assistance for some aspects of the task. Alternatively, this task is complete for 2 to 4 people.
4 Extensive Person needs extensive physical assistance for the majority of or the entire task, such as hand over hand guidance, extensive emotional support, intensive support for a complex communication system or close supervision or monitoring. Alternatively, this task is complete for the person.
5 Pervasive Person needs the direct support of two or more people due to this health need or to complete this activity