About Mary-Ann

Dr Mary-Ann O’Donovan holds a conjoint position of Associate Professor of Disability Studies and Executive Director of the Centre for Disability Studies, University of Sydney. She has a particular interest in housing for people with intellectual disability, de-institutionalisation, housing mobility and stability, homelessness, choice, and impact of housing and where one lives on health and health service utilisation. Mary-Ann held position of Assistant Professor and course coordinator for the 2-year certificate programme for people with intellectual disability, Trinity College and access to higher education for people with ID is another research and policy interest. In addition to leading the transitions theme for the longitudinal study on ageing and intellectual disability in Ireland (IDS-TILDA), other research in Ireland and Australia most recently includes:

  • Responsiveness of homelessness policy and systems to people with ID;
  • Lived experience of homelessness and risk of homelessness of people with ID and/or Autism and their families;
  • The reality versus rhetoric of the NDIS for people with intellectual disability;
  • Co-lead national consultation to develop the 10-year Australian Disability Research Agenda;
  • Individual supported living models for people with ID and high support needs;
  • Intervention programme for people with ID as physical activity leaders;
  • Evidence reviews on the quality of life and cost outcomes following de-institutionalisation.

Contact Mary-Ann at mary-ann.odonovan@sydney.edu.au