Promoting Inclusion

Image_21_CMYK_rgbThe Centre for Disability Studies is committed to the inclusion of people with disability within education and community. This philosophy drives the following programs:

Uni 2 beyond initiative

Staff Involved:  Friederike Gadow & Amanda Duell-Ferguson

National Disability Coordination officer Program (NDCO)

Staff Involved:

  • Sydney Region – Jessica Buhne
  • Illawarra and South East Region – Elicia Ford

Social Networking Group

Staff Involved: Amanda Duell-Ferguson

Training & Consultation for the  Down Syndrome Association Singapore (DSA) 

Adult Enhancement Program and Infant & Toddler Program

Staff Involved: Prof Patricia O’Brien, Clinical Prof Vivienne Riches

The Inclusive Research Network

Staff Involved: Prof Patricia O’Brien and David Taylor