NDCO Program

What is the NDCO Program?

The NDCO Program drives systemic change so that people with disability have equitable opportunity to access, participate and achieve their goals in tertiary education and subsequent employment. NDCOs work strategically to address regional, state and national systemic barriers through the identification of gaps and barriers and the implementation of coordinated responses so that people with disability successfully transition to, and participate fully in, tertiary education and subsequent employment. NDCOs work collaboratively with stakeholders across the school, tertiary education and employment continuum.

 Our goals are to:
  • Improve links between schools, universities, vocational education and training organisations, job services and organisations that support people with disability 
  • Improve transitions between school/community and tertiary education and finding a job 
  • Improve participation in tertiary education and work
How do I find an NDCO?

The NDCO for Sydney Region (Inner City, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and St George-Sutherland) is Jessica Buhne

Telephone: 02 9036 3607 

Email: jessica.buhne@sydney.edu.au

Find us on social media!

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ndcoregion1/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ndcosydney

The NDCO for Illawarra and South East is Elicia Ford

Telephone: 0431 463 955

Email: elicia.ford@sydney.edu.au

Find us on social media!

LinkedIn: ://bit.ly/EliciaFord

The NDCO for South and South East South Australia is Gary Kerridge

Email: gary.kerridge@NDCORegion24.com

The NDCO for Central and Northern South Australia is Isabel Osuna-Gatty

Email: isabel.osuna-gatty@sydney.edu.au 

Phone: 0474 153 030

For more information about the NDCO Program:

Email: ndco@education.gov.au 

Website: www.education.gov.au/ndcoprogramme

Create Your Future is an NDCO film project showcasing the successes and challenges experienced by people with disability from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds. These films aim to build aspiration for tertiary education and employment amongst those facing similar issues, and to create deeper and broader cultural understandings to encourage culturally safe, accessible and inclusive support services.

Original short films, made with and for people with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, sharing personal stories from their own unique cultural perspective.

Abdulaah’s Story

Create Your Future – Abdulaah

The NDCO Program launches Create Your Future – Personal stories of disability and cultural diversity in study and work.To find out about support in study and work visit https://ndco.cds.org.au/#CreateYourFuture #NoBarriers #NDCO

Posted by National Disability Coordination Officer – NDCO – Program on Sunday, 31 March 2019