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Responding to the NDIS Training


The Centre for Disability Studies an affiliate of the University of Sydney is pleased to offer a program of Professional Development to further develop the workforce and governance of organisations and support the successful implementation of the NDIS.

STAGE 1: Growing understanding

Understanding the NDIS

An interactive workshop designed:

  • For managers and members of governance boards.
  • To further outline the architecture and theoretical underpinnings of the NDIS
  • To promote agency wide adoption of a more person centred approach
STAGE 2: Learning together

Interactive workshops:

  • NDIS : The Who, What, Why and Where!
  • Transitioning from a group to an individualised culture: Listening, learning and logistics.
  • From the access request to assessing individualised support needs.
  • Co-creating community to meet individual aspirations.
  • Transforming and developing workforce capacity: From service provision to community connection.
  • Facilitation and financial management of support options: Self managed; shared managed; shared co-ordinated and provider managed packages.
  • Actioning choice and control through planning.
  • PATH planning in action .
  • Reframing the organisation: From group management to individual aspirations.
  • Engaging and collaborating with families, carers and nominees
STAGE 3: Transitioning Together

Organisational change management:

  • With organisational personnel and stakeholder groups involved with guiding the implementation of the NDIS
  • Facilitated as two hour or more intensive holistic packages.
  • Incorporating a Draw-See-Think- Plan approach to generate high levels of engagement, create genuine connections, produce clear outcomes and directions giving purpose and meaning.
STAGE 4: Working Together

Organisational coaching

A facilitator will work alongside individual and small groups of staff members, to raise skills and capacity required for transition to and seamless implementation of the NDIS.

See link to Flyer: Responding to the NDIS.