Medical Foundation Grant

Team members:
Dr. Seeta Durvasula, Dr. Lynette Roberts , Tomas Buratovich, Prof.  Vivienne Riches, Prof. Patricia O’Brien

The funding from this grant enabled Dr. Lynette Roberts to conduct a parent support group for parents of school aged children with intellectual disabilities (2014).

The aim of the parent support group was to reduce levels of stress in the participants. By teaching the group elements of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dr. Roberts, was able to show promising results. CDS, Dr. Roberts and a group of UTS psychology students are collaborating to continue the study with more parent support groups. Ethics approval has been received enabling the follow-up study to commence in 2016.

In a similar vein Tomas Buratovich (CDS) is developing other proposals that will benefit children with disabilities and their families. His first project will investigate the use of drama training in the development of social skills for children with intellectual disability.