Stepping On

Research Team:
Meaghan Edwards, Samuel Arnold, Timothy Hart and Prof. Patricia O’Brien

The CDS was contracted by the Ministry of Health (2014) to deliver a series of 10 Stepping On Facilitator Training (SOFT) workshops across NSW for practitioners who working in  falls prevention. CDS, as the project coordinator, contracted an experienced Stepping On trainer Megan Swann to deliver the SOFT workshops. The SOFT program ran for nine months providing 1-2 day training workshops each month. The evaluation of the SOFT program is on- going, with the final stages of data analysis to be completed in 2016.

The overall purpose of the SOFT program is to up skill facilitators in the delivery of the  Stepping On programme. The programme empowers people, at risk of falls, to asses potential environmental hazards and find solutions to ensure their safety. The programme addresses risks both within the home and external environments.

Lessening falls sustains independence and decreases hospital admissions from serious injuries including hip fractures. The Stepping On programme, delivered the participants additional outcomes by providing enjoyable social interaction with people who had experienced similar injuries through falls.