Rules for Social Media Posts



These rules apply to comments made on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts run by CDS.


This includes:


CDS Facebook and Twitter


uni 2 beyond Facebook and Instagram


Why we have rules:


CDS wants to help people understand how to post in a way that is good for everyone.


This means we have some rules we want everyone to follow.


The rules are:


Be kind in what you post


Make sure your comments are about what CDS posted


Your post might be deleted if:


You are being rude or mean to other people


You say something offensive


Your post is trying to sell something


What happens if I break the rules?


The first time you break the rules your post will be deleted


We will message and tell you why your post was deleted


You can ask for more information if you do not understand why your post was deleted


If you keep breaking the rules, you may be blocked from the account


This will only happen if you are breaking the rules the same way over and over