About Sharon

Sharon as General Manager of ACDCS brings to the role a wealth of experience in both teaching and senior management roles in the school and university sectors, and consultancy and training for the TAFE/training sector . Additionally, she has had over 30 years experience working with students with a wide range of disabilities and is globally recognised as having expertise in maximising student engagement for students with intellectual, sensory, learning, psychological and physical disabilities.

‍Her PhD research was in the area of supporting Indigenous students with disability in the Higher Education Sector. Based on this research she has developed a framework to be used by Universities, TAFE’s and RTO’s across Australia to support their Indigenous students with disability. Sharon’s work is strongly founded on a human right’s approach to education and mitigating barriers for all students to engage with their learning and thereby thrive as individuals.

Further to this research she continues to publish and present on topics pertaining to emerging technologies in teaching and learning. Her publication co-authored with Dr Stefan Popenici, “Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on teaching and learning in higher education”, is currently tracking with an Altmetric ranking in the 98th percentile of over 12 million international research publications and has been downloaded 81,000 times.

Contact Sharon at sharon.kerr@sydney.edu.au


Sharon Kerr PhD (Syd) BA Dip (Ed) MEd (Indig) Ass Dip Soc Wel (Disability) CertIV TAE