Emma Gentle

Emma Gentle


Emma Gentle has worked in the field of neurodiversity, complex support and mental health for 20 years, coordinating programmes with grassroots NGOs in Australia, UK and Mexico. She has evaluated early years services in regional Australia, and inclusive youth programs in the UK. Emma’s research interests lie in art as a tool for expression and connection; and as a nuanced research method. She uses democratic, person-centred frames in both research and practice to increase equity, agency and belonging.



PhD, MA (ArtThpy), MA (AppAnthCommtyYthWk), Dip (Psych), Dip (AppPsych), BTEC Community Arts, Diploma (Drama) Certificates (Drawing ,3D Art).Professional membership with Creative Arts Therapies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia (ANZACATA).


Research Projects:

Tackling Stigma and building wellbeing for young people in regional Australia using art as a conduit. Emma Gentle (University of Sydney), Professor John Hurley (Southern Cross University), Dr Paul Linsley (East Anglia University)

Forming relationships through group art-making: An exploration with neurodivergent people living in regional Australia. Emma Gentle (University of Sydney), Professor Patricia O’Brien (University of Sydney)



Dew, A., Collings, S., Dillon Savage, I., Gentle, E., & Dowse, L. (2019). “Living the life I want”: A framework for planning engagement with people with intellectual disability and complex support needs. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 32(2), 401-412.

Gentle, E. (2018). Autonomous Expression and Creative Connection: An exploration of art-making with neurodivergent people in regional Australia.