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Marie Knox


Marie’s work at CDS primarily involves the coordination, along with Professor Patricia O’Brien and Tanya Riches of the Inclusive Research Network, a network of people with and without intellectual disability who plan and carry out research. Marie’s particular interest and focus is on the critical role that people with disabilities themselves can play in planning and implementing research designs to explore topical issues of importance to them. She has also been a chief investigator on several ARC projects focusing on the well-being of people with disabilities. Her research has convinced her of the value of the learning from “lived experience”, and the critical and, perhaps, emancipatory role of research in the unsilencing of the voices of people with disabilities and other marginalised groups of people.

Marie rejoined CDS in 2010 after a lengthy period working at QUT in Brisbane, and has worked on a number of projects including:

  • The development and implementation of a framework for evaluating organisational person-centredness by people with intellectual disability: An Inclusive Research Approach
  • Keeping my place in the community: Achieving successful ageing-in-place for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities.
  • Evaluation of MINDA Demonstration project: Real Lives Real Places

B.A. (Hons) Dip Ed PhD


  1. 2013 ARC Linkage Project Grant – Keeping my Place in the Community: Achieving Successful Ageing-in-place for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. With Professor Trevor Parmenter (University of Sydney), Professor Rafat Hussain (UNE) and Professor Matthew Janicki (UNE).


  1. 2008 ARC Discovery Project Grant - Realising an 'ordinary life' for people with intellectual disabilities: Developing a theoretical framework for group home outcomes. With Professor Christine Bigby (LaTrobe University). Professor Jim Mansell, Dr Julie Beadle-Brown (University of Kent, UK)


  1. 2006 ARC Discovery Project Grant– Moving Beyond Crisis Management: Creating a Future for People with Disabilities Living with Ageing Parents. With Professor T. Parmenter, Associate Professor R. Stancliffe, Dr M. Donelly (University of Sydney)


  1. 2004 ARC Linkage Project Grant – Developing an Integrative Active Ageing Model for Policy Makers and Service Providers to Support Older People with a Lifelong Intellectual Disability. With L Buys, G. Boulton-Lewis & H. Edwards (QUT) and C. Bigby (LaTrobe)


  1. 2013 IRT Research Foundation: Supporting Ageing-in-Place for people with and into disability: An exploration of rural and metropolitan perspectives with T. Parmenter (University of Sydney), R. Hussain (UNE), M. Janicki (University of Illinois, Chicago)


  1. 2013National Disability Policy and Research Working Group: “It’s Different in the Country” Supporting Ageing-in-Place for people with developmental disability: An exploration of rural and metropolitan perspectives with T. Parmenter (University of Sydney), R. Hussain (UNE), M. Janicki (University of Illinois, Chicago).
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Marie also is involved in supervising several PhD students whose topics include:

  • Perceptions of family well-being of families which include a child with autism
  • Experiences of researchers with intellectual disability involved in inclusive research
  • Perceptions of community living held by people with intellectual disability living in mainland China

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