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Tanya Riches

Tanya Riches is a Training, Development and Research Officer at CDS. Her research is located at the intersection of anthropology and human development, with a focus upon lived experience. She is interested in what makes life meaningful for people, including people with disabillities. Her PhD investigated intersections between the Dreaming and Christianity and how spirituality directs emergent development in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led organisations within Australia's urban cities.

Tanya has worked on various projects with the Centre for Disability Studies since 2015. These include:

  • an early pilot of the ICAN in Victoria, interviewing around 188 participants.
  • the ADAC Quality of Life Study – Stage 1 (NSW Department of Family and Community Services, 2014).
  • work with the inclusive research network, including preparing researchers with intellectual disability for conference presentations, and publications

B.A. (Psych/Pol Econ)

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