uni 2 beyond internship

“We found the experience of having a uni 2 beyond intern at our company increased our team engagement and created a sense of public service. Through supporting positive initiatives like uni 2 beyond, we are changing lives for the better.”

Robert MacDonald
MI Engineers Director


What is uni 2 beyond?

uni 2 beyond is a multi-award winning initiative that supports people with intellectual disability to study at the University of Sydney.

What is a uni 2 beyond internship?

As part of their studies, uni 2 beyond students undertake internships to develop their strengths and explore career pathways. Internships are hosted by organisations from various sectors across greater Sydney.

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Host a uni 2 beyond intern

How will an internship improve my organisation?

Your organisation will:

  • Celebrate diversity and demonstrate commitment to social responsibility
  • Increase staff confidence in inclusion of people with disability
  • Progress towards being an employer of choice for people with disability
  • Foster staff mentoring skills

Who supports the intern?

Your organisation, the intern and uni 2 beyond staff collaborate to ensure the internship is a success for everyone. The key roles are:

  • The intern – who brings enthusiasm and willingness to learn
  • A mentor from your workplace – who guides the intern in their role
  • A uni 2 beyond mentor – who accompanies and assists the intern
  • The uni 2 beyond Career Advisor – who coordinates the internship and supports the other roles

How is an internship structured?

The internship is structured to meet both the needs of your organisation and the intern. Typically our internships are two half-days per week for 8 weeks.

Before the internship:

  • The intern, mentor and uni 2 beyond Career Advisor meet to discuss the intern’s role
  • uni 2 beyond provide disability inclusion training for staff that will be working with the intern.

During and after the internship:

  • The intern, workplace mentor and uni 2 beyond mentor meet regularly to reflect on successes and continually improve their work together.

What does my organisation provide?

Your organisation provides:

  • The mentor’s time
  • The interern’s wages (typically by employing the intern on a casual or contract basis)
  • Workplaces resources for the intern (for example, access to a workstation)

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“I had a sense of belonging. They were friendly, inclusive. I could see that my work would be useful and it was very helpful for them.”

uni 2 beyond intern



uni 2 beyond was awarded the Excellence in Education & Training award at the 2017 National Disability Awards.

uni 2 beyond also won the 2017 NSW Disability Industry Innovation Award in the category Leadership in Community Accessibility and Inclusion.

In 2016 and most recently, 2020, uni 2 beyond has received the Innovative Practice on Inclusive Education and ICT award by the Zero Project at the United Nations Office, Vienna. 


Contact us at u2bcareers@cds.org.au or (02) 9036 3610