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Jemima MacDonald holds a Master’s degree in Developmental Disability, a bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and is trained in Applied Behavioural Analysis. At the Centre for Disability Studies, Jemima is involved in areas of research around employment and rights of people with intellectual disabilities, evaluations, teaching both in Australia and internationally, training and person centred planning. Jemima has been involved in uni 2 beyond since 2013, and currently coordinates the initiative, supporting 11 students and over 30 mentors. She has been working with people with intellectual disabilities for 10 years in a range of roles including advocacy for people who use augmentative and alternative communication, speech pathology, early intervention support, applied behaviour support, education and employment.





Jessica Buhne holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Diploma in Counselling. She has worked with people with disability and their families in the areas of employment, capacity building and advocacy. This has included working with families to develop their capacity and confidence around self-directing supports for the genuine interests and aspirations of their family member with disability. Jessica is passionate about people with disability having the same opportunities and experiences as people without disability and being valued members and contributors of their community.