uni 2 beyond Staff



Amanda Duell-Ferguson is the uni 2 beyond Coordinator. Mandy was a mentor with uni 2 beyond from 2014 and joined CDS in 2015 as Program Support Officer. Mandy has a passion for social inclusion and the vision that uni 2 beyond represents.   







David Pech is the uni 2 beyond Career Advisor. He is passionate about empowering people with disability to successfully transition to employment and education. David has worked in inclusive education for more than 6 years, with experience in both secondary and tertiary institutions. David studied Philosophy, Gender Studies and Indigenous Australian Studies at the Australian National University.


Micaela Bucich holds a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Sydney. She has been involved in uni 2 beyond since 2014, starting as an academic mentor. In 2017 Micaela became more involved, spending time with each student in the 2017-2018 cohort as either a social mentor or filling in for academic mentors in class. She has really enjoyed seeing students gain confidence, build friendships and develop life skills through uni 2 beyond. Micaela is particularly passionate about the way uni 2 beyond prepares its students for life after university which she has witnessed first-hand at two students’ internships. She is excited to be working more closely with the uni 2 beyond team this year as Inclusion Support Officer.