CDS has been contracted by the Commonwealth Department of Health to provide support needs assessments for the Disability Supports for Older Australians (DSOA) cohort, using a customised version of the I-CAN tool.

The customised tool provides a breakdown of support required based on the client’s support needs, which is used to guide service provision under the DSOA Program. The tool can also be used to assess a client’s change of needs.

The Commonwealth Department of Health manage the referral process for these assessments. CDS is unable to accept direct assessment requests that have not followed the correct pathway.

Once CDS receives a referral, the assessment is completed by one of our pool of contracted Assessors, made up of predominantly allied health professionals. Assessors receive training in the use of the assessment tool, a licence to administer the tool, insurance and ongoing clinical and administrative support. To express interest in becoming an assessor please email