About Our Complex Care Service

The Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) is dedicated to improving the health outcomes for people with intellectual disability by providing high quality healthcare tailored to the needs of the individual.   CDS has an extensive history with providing specialist healthcare services, having operated the NSW Development Disability Health Unit (DDHU) since 1998, and now the Complex Care Service (CCS).

Our service is for adults with intellectual disability who have complex health needs and can’t get these met by another service. We provide comprehensive health assessments, healthcare plans, advice, and referrals. Our service can be done in person, at our Strathfield clinic or using telehealth.

The service is funded by the Ministry of Health via a Ministerial Approved Grant (MAG) until 30 June 2027.

Who are we?

Our multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Nurse
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Allied Health Professionals

What do we do?

Our services are tailored to the needs of individuals with intellectual disability who are seen by CCS. The team members involved will be decided as part of intake. We work with the person’s General Practitioner and other health care professionals. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Comprehensive health assessments
  • Healthcare planning
  • Assessment reports
  • Suggestions for the person, their supporters and health professionals about what services, interventions and care might help the person to reach their goals.

How do I access the service?

To be eligible for our service, the person must live in NSW, be 18 years or over, have an intellectual disability and meet the following:

  • Referral is made on the basis that the person’s general practitioner (GP) will retain ongoing medical care for the person, will implement recommendations and follow through with care
  • Person has unmet complex health care needs that another service can’t meet
  • Is eligible for Medicare Services

Priority will be given to people who don’t have access to an Intellectual Disability Health Service team in their Local Health District (LHD).



Referrals can be made by the persons’ GP, health professional, service provider or the person’s family / primary carer.

The referral must include the person’s complex health needs and what services / intervention has been tried to date.

Please complete the below Referral Form and email it to ccs@cds.org.au.


For enquiries about the service, you can contact the CCS team via the contact details below.

Email – ccs@cds.org.au

Clinic Telephone – 0434 121 767

CDS Main Office Telephone – 02 9036 3600

Clinic Location

Bethany Centre

18A Margaret Street

Strathfield NSW 2135

Please note there is no receptionist at the clinic and CCS only operates one day per week.

Download the Referral Form Here