Based on its 24 year history of offering Training and Education to the Disability and Community Services Sector, CDS now has its own registered training organisation – Australian College of Disability and Community Services (ACDCS RTO: 41475). Through ACDCS we are offering both accredited and non-accredited courses.

Additionally, ACDCS is offering customised workshops delivered online for individual organisations. Contact Dr Sharon Kerr directly at: if you would like to discuss your training needs.

All online workshops are limited to 20 participants and are both personalised and interactive. We are looking forward to your team joining us!

Beating the Blues, Black Dogs and Melt Downs – Workshops on Wellbeing while Living with COVID19
5 October 2021

This two part workshop (4 hours in total) is aimed at supporting both teams and individuals struggling with the challenges brought about by the COVID19 pandemic. Click here to register or for further information.

Sexuality & Relationships for People with Intellectual Disability
21 October 2021

This two part workshop series delivered by Laura Hogan and Emma Doukakis will provide an introduction to issues surrounding the support of people with an intellectual disability as they explore their own relationships and sexuality. Click here to register or for further information. 

Peer Support and Mentoring: Helping Each other in Times of Stress
25 October 2021

A workshop led by Dr Robbie Lloyd on practicing self-care and providing peer support and mentoring in the workplace and community in times of stress. Click here to register or for further information. 

Supporting and Serving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Who Have a Disability
1 November 2021

This two part workshop (4 hours total) will address the barriers faced by Indigenous students and clients with a disability and strategies for effectively serving this cohort of students or clients in a culturally safe way. Click here to register or for further information. 

Universal Design of Curriculum in the Online World – ensuring accessibility of the learning experience
10 December 2021

During COVID19 classes have gone online throughout the VET, University and School sectors. This workshop provides an introduction on how to make your online classes accessible for students with a disability who are reliant on the use of assistive technologies. Click here to register or for for further information.