Research Projects

image-16_cmyk_b-w_rgbRESEARCH PROJECTS

Through our close links with research communities worldwide we have both an Australian and international focus  We consist of a multi-disciplinary team from diverse backgrounds including medicine, health sciences, education, psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, sociology and law. Our approach is person-centred and based upon the social model of disability.

Below is a recent selection of CDS Projects:

     Research Program Name

  • Inclusive Research Network (IRN)
  • Staff Involved: Prof  Patricia O’Brien, Dr Tanya Riches, Emma Doukakis & David Taylor
  • Achieve Clinical Review
  • Staff Involved: Prof  Patricia O’Brien, Prof  Vivienne Riches, Dr Tanya Riches, Dr Seeta Durvasula,  Rebecca Stack & David Taylor
  • Achieve Quality Checkers
  •  Staff Involved: Prof  Patricia O’Brien, Prof  Vivienne Riches, Dr Tanya Riches &  David Taylor
  • ARC ISL Project
  • Staff Involved: Friederike Gadow &  Prof  Patricia O’Brien
  • NOVA Autism Project
  •  Staff Involved: Prof  Vivienne Riches, Dr Tanya riches, David Taylor &  Jemima MacDonald
  • Minds Promoting Caregivers  well-being Project
  • Staff Involved: Prof  Vivienne Riches, Dr Tanya Riches, David Taylor &  Dr Arne Muller
  • Waikato Review
  • Staff Involved:  Prof  Patricia O’Brien
  • Plumtree Peer Review Project
  •  Staff Involved: Prof  Patricia O’Brien, Dr Tanya Riches, David Taylor,  Friederike Gadow & Emma Doukakis