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Social Networking Group – Sydney

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What is the Social Networking Group?

In this group, people with and without disabilities come together to socialise. We hang out and chat, play games, and talk about friendships and relationships. We treat everyone equally. It is important to us that everyone feels welcome.

Do you want to come along?

If you would like to make new friends and get out more, come along! Meet new people, learn about relationships, how to use social media (for example Facebook), and get more confidence. This group meets in Sydney.


The first Thursday of every month from 5pm to 8pm.


This group meets in Sydney.

5pm-6pm: Sydney University.
6pm-8pm: We head off to a local pub or restaurant to have a meal and socialise with each other.

Want to get involved?

Email us at cds@cds.org.au
telephone: 02 9036 3600

The CDS Staff members involved:

Jemima MacDonald holds a bachelor degree in Speech Pathology and a Masters degree in Developmental Disability. Jemima has worked in the disability field and has a strong focus on inclusion, social skills, relationships and education.

Jessica Buhne  holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Diploma in Counselling. She has worked with people with disability and their families in the areas of employment, capacity building and advocacy. This has included working with families to develop their capacity and confidence around self-directing supports for the genuine interests and aspirations of their family member with disability. Jessica is passionate about people with disability having the same opportunities and experiences as people without disability and being valued members and contributors of their community. 

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