uni 2 beyond 2022 updates

  • By Learne Nielsen

The uni 2 beyond program is currently halfway through Semester 1, 2022. This year, the program has welcomed 18 students, the program’s largest cohort yet. Students started class in February, they attended an orientation session and spent time exploring the university campus. They also had the opportunity to join the university’s different clubs and societies.

Our students are enrolled at a variety of subjects from a diverse range of faculties and schools. Students’ subject choices range from philosophy, education, nutrition, health, music, languages, social justice and many more. Our second-year students are very happy to be back on campus, after attending Semester 2, 2021 completely online due to the pandemic.

Mentors, who are also enrolled students, offer our uni 2 beyond students in-class academic and social support. This semester, we have 33 mentors taking part in the program. Last week, we held a mentor workshop, where we discussed important ideas around disability and inclusion; we also had the opportunity to hear from the mentors on their experience so far. Overall, they are enjoying getting to know the students both in and out of class. We certainly appreciate the time and support our mentors give to our program.

uni 2 beyond would also like to congratulate the students for all their hard work so far. They have just had a mid-semester break, which gave them the opportunity to rest and recharge.